Secure Payments

Instabasket invest money and energy to work with the world one of the most reliable leader and global leader in online payment and fraud detection service. So, you can do your shopping without any fear. You have questions? Contact us, our team will answer you with pleasure. .

Our Top Priority is to Guarantee

  • All payments done by our customer is 100% secure
  • Setup of Advanced fraud prevention solutions
  • All transaction by Secure Payment Gateway provider
  • Site Protected with (SSL, https, 3d-secure)


  • Payment operations are performed through the services of a INSTABASKET, Payment gateway partner INGENICO (European leader in Online payment business). As a global company operating in countries as diverse as the Nordics, US, Australia, UK, Russia and the EU.

  • Our online payment provider boasts to have more than 250,000 merchants as their global customers and partner with 70% of Top30 leading retail brands.

  • Over the past 30 years Ingenico have become the trusted third party of long-term industry players and newcomers alike, with an acceptance network of more than 1,000 banks and financial institutions.

  • Some of the world’s most innovative companies (Apple, Google, PayPal, Samsung…) partner with Ingenico to pave the way for new and enhanced consumer experiences.

How our Online PAYMENT work

  • We only accept advance payment through our website using the payment methods indicated on INSTABASKET. The price of the ordered products is posted on the Website on the day of the order. Our prices include all taxes, VAT including the costs associated with the preparation of the order and all other levies. Hence, customer will never experience unpleasant surprises. The product contains 6% or 21% VAT as applicable for different food and non-food items which are added before the final payment.

  • To guarantee safe online payment and the safety of customer personal data, the transaction data will only be wired while encrypted with SSL technology. To make payments with SSL no special software is required. Customer recognize a safe SSL-connection by the “lock” in the bottom status bar of your browser.

Payment Methods supported by INSTABASKET


    A multi-national debit card service owned by Mastercard that was founded in 1992. Maestro cards are obtained from associate banks and can be linked to the card holder's current account, or they can be prepaid cards.


    Very common in Belgium for accessing personal bank accounts, check balance, make transfers and pay bills. You can access all your banking services online and you can make transactions easily and securely, anytime, anywhere.


    Bancontact also known as Bancontact / Mister Cash is the Belgian market leader in electronic payments. As a payment schedule, it is responsible for checking, calculating and processing electronic payments. These payments can be made via debit cards. Bancontact app is also available to the public. Checkout is done by scanning a QR code with the phone and entering a PIN. In April 2016, Bancontact underwent rebranding, where sister brand Mister Cash was permanently removed from the company name. The logo was also updated.


    VISA and Mastercard both offer extremely similar benefits, and choosing one over the other will not make a substantial difference. The major credit card features are managed and decided on by the issuer bank. There is very little difference between VISA and Mastercard and both provide a similar suite of basic features.

  • iDEAL

    iDEAL allows you to make online purchases in a familiar, secure and simple way. iDEAL is the system that links you directly to your online banking application when you buy online. If you already have online banking with ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers, you can make payments using iDEAL right away. iDEAL is very famous in Netherlands and is familiar, safe and easy for online banking. iDEAL has been developed by ABN AMRO, ING Bank, Postbank and Rabobank and supported by the major Dutch banks.

  • Giropay

    Giropay is an Internet payment System in Germany, based on online banking. Introduced in February 2006, this payment method allows customers to buy securely on the Internet using direct online transfers from their bank account. The system is similar to the Dutch iDEAL payment system and is owned by Giropay GmbH.


    SOFORT is an online direct payment method and works on the basis of online banking. The big advantage is: You don't need to register or open a virtual account, known as a wallet. It is an immediate and direct transfer of funds. Customers who select SOFORT as their preferred method of payment for an online purchase will be directed straight to the secure payment form. All transfer data is carried over automatically so that you only need to enter your bank's sort code along with your usual online banking login details and finally the confirmation code in order to authorise the transfer. All information delivered to your bank in an encrypted form. The online merchant receives confirmation of the transfer order in real time and can dispatch the goods promptly. This means there's no waiting time before the goods are sent, as is the case with payments in advance (by means of a bank transfer) for example.

  • PayPal

    PayPal is one of the first means of payment on the internet and remains one of the leaders. The advantage of PayPal payment is that once you have created your account on the PayPal platform, you no longer need to enter your bank account details.